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Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill

Water conservation is a must these days because even if it is abundant, this is something we have to pay for as reflected in the water bill. Just like electricity and gas, this may go up or down on a monthly basis so you should know the different ways to save money for this utility. 

The first way to save money will be to check for leaks. You can do this by inspecting the pipes under your kitchen sink or the pipes in your basement. Another test to check for leaks will be to turn off your water and inspect the rest of the house. 

Another place that leaks frequently is the bathroom. The best way to check if there is a leak here is to use some food coloring and if the color should spread, it means one of the pipes has a problem and this should either be repaired or replaced. 

While you are still in the bathroom, check your toilet . By placing a water bottle in the tank, you get to consume half the volume of water that you used to consume whenever you have to flush it. 

People who have a water heater know that it takes time before warm water comes out of the shower. You can speed up the time it takes for the water to get warmer by insulating the pipes so hot water comes out once you turn on the knob. 

Another way to save money will be to replace the old shower head with one of the water saving models and your faucet with a low flow faucet aerator. These things are not new and if you visit the hardware store, you will see the different models to choose from so just pick from the selection which one is the best value for your money.

Whenever you wash the dishes or take a shower, turn off the faucet first until it is time to rinse. The same goes when you are shaving or brushing your teeth because this can save 10 to 20 gallons of water which is a huge savings again on your water bill. 

If you have to use the dishwasher or the washing machine, make sure to do it only when you have  a full load. We all know that this is sometimes not possible so when this happens, adjust the water level so you will only use the correct volume rather than wasting it. 

As for water from  the washing machine, don’t just throw it away and instead use it to water the plants, clean the car or wash the driveway. 

Unlike other things that you spend on, you can’t expect to switch from one water provider to another since there is only one in a given area. This means that you have to practice the different ways to save money  so you don’t have to pay that much the next time you get your water bill. 

If you review the different ways to save money as mentioned, these are things that anyone can do so you shouldn’t have any problems. In fact, leaks are normal due to wear are tear and this can be avoided if you inspect your pipes on a regular basis or have a local plumber do it. 

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