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How To Intrigue A Woman

A dull, boring, lackluster and predictable individual would not interest anybody. This is especially true for all women in general. Women are able to find more interesting things to do like reading a book or watching the television than having to bear with someone who would bore them to death. The thing about women is that they like surprises and they like excitement, and it is important for them to get away every once in a while from their humdrum existence.

Men who have dull, boring, lackluster and predictable qualities have the tendency to be shunned by women simply because they do not have enough suspense or excitement in their personalities to be able to generate interest from the opposite sex. Women want men who would be able to tickle their brains and make them think. They want men who would be able to create ways of exciting them even in the simplest way possible.

Boring women is not the issue. Intriguing women is. Intriguing women and getting their attention is something that has worked for many men over the years, because men who know how to intrigue women cause women themselves to constantly wonder about what they are thinking of or what they are going to do next. It is intrigue which keeps them fascinating in the eyes of women who have close encounters with them one way or another.

Intriguing women is not an easy task. Intriguing women means fascinating them by varying one’s presentation of himself. Doing this would actually make the man concerned unpredictable in every way. To be able to intrigue women, it is advisable for men who like to dress in coat and tie to actually dress down every once in a while. Intriguing women would mean that guys who like to have the same haircut would have to start considering sporting new hairdos that would alter their looks dramatically. Those who like to indulge in the same things over and over again should think about trying out something new to be able to intrigue women all the more. Those bent on exerting enough effort to intrigue women should always remember that sticking to the same old things and the same old routines would not actually help if one wants to have a personality that exudes thrill and unpredictability.

To be able to intrigue women, it should be borne in mind that women get pretty excited about the unexpected. This is the reason why it is important for men to stay as unpredictable as they can be. Not knowing what would happen next is something that would come as a pleasant surprise to any woman who has had her part in seeing and experiencing what is outright common and ordinary. Exercising a little effort on the part of men to be able to intrigue women is something that women would be able to appreciate, because it is the binding force that would make them want to know more about the man concerned apart from what they already do.

Men should remember that to be able to intrigue women, it is always important to have an air of mystery around themselves. This is what will draw women to their feet. A well-read book is not as interesting as that which is fresh, and it is this novelty which will render it more than exciting as compared to all the rest. Knowing how to intrigue women is a tool each and every man should possess if they want to promote this quality. If men know how to intrigue women, then they are close to having all the women they could ever hope to attract. This is because intriguing women is an important skill capable of leading a man to any woman’s heart.

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