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7 Self-Destructive Behaviours That Hold You Back From Success & Wealth

A lot of the time, people get in their own way by taking part in self-destructive behaviours that hold them back. I mean, no one is perfect but increasing your awareness of the things that could be holding you back will certainly help you stay clear, in action and creating wealth.

1. Gossiping

It is so hateful to talk about someone else behind their backs. It can seem so interesting to discuss everyone else’s dramas instead of create something in our own lives. Ask yourself, where the lack is, in your own life that makes you feel the need to talk about someone else’s?

2. Negative Self-Talk

Listen to the way you talk to and about yourself. Sometimes, it seems funny to laugh at yourself in a self-derogatory way but you do not understand the damage you are doing to yourself when you do that. If you do not believe in and love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to? We all take our lead from you, on how to treat you so speak to yourself with respect and expect to receive respect as well.

3. Worrying

Such a pointless waste of time. You cannot know what will happen so why worry about it? It always seems worse in your head – there is nothing like a misdirected imagination to explode every potential setback into a full-blown disaster. Worry is just having faith in a negative outcome. Instead, have faith that things will work out for you. Obsess about how life will look when you create the result you are working towards. Be focused on things working and take the next step.

4. Lying

One lie does tend to lead to another. And they get bigger and bigger and harder to manage. It is just easier to tell the truth. Lying can come in many forms – You can lie to yourself about how satisfied you are with your life and you can lie to others about who you are. Choose to be authentic. It is only as you admit your true feelings that you can start to do something to change things.

5. Jealousy

You only ever feel jealous of someone else when you feel that you cannot get what they have. And that is never the truth. Start to believe inside of you that you can have whatever you set your mind to, put the blinkers on and stop comparing yourself to other people and get to work creating your dream.

6. Holding Grudges & Resentments

This is like drinking a cup of poison hoping that it will affect some other person who did you wrong. It never works and it holds you back from getting the life and the business that you want. Choose instead to forgive and let it go. Do it for you. I know it is easier said than done but DO IT FOR YOU!

7. The ‘POM’s – Poor Old Me Syndrome

You are not a victim, never have been and never will be so give up feeling sorry for yourself. If you want something, do the work to get it. Stop looking for someone or something to blame – You are more than capable – Remember that even on the bad days.

You are a victor!

Do any of these affect you? How will you now start to work these self-destructive behaviours out of your life?



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