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Manage Money For The Home

Managing money may have been something that we have

already started practicing since we started receiving

allowances from our parents. Most of us learned to

manage money at a later time when we got to elementary

schooling since we only had our lunchboxes during

kindergarten to support our ever hungry stomachs. As

we grow older and leave the academic environment, we

then begin to focus on managing our money on other

things such as a relationship and self sustenance. As

we go into married life and start our own family, we

then focus on how to manage money for the home.

There are many things to take into consideration when

we manage money for the home and allocate the

appropriate budgeting of our salaries to prevent

ourselves from having credits, and on a worse case

scenario go into bankruptcy. This also happens even

with a combined salary of each parent. Such end point

would be damaging to the self esteem and living

conditions of each member of the family.

Before we get into such confusion and inconvenient

status, here are some of the basic things that we need

to allocate tight and properly allocated budgeting,

given that responsibility and the number of kids have

been taken into consideration.

The House

One of the most important things to consider in

allocation of budget would be the house. Mortgages and

taxes that come along with the acquisition of a house

would have the greatest impact in a family budgeting

scheme as it would be the basis of living. Without a

proper house to dwell in and a home to thrive in, each

member of a family would have the trouble to set up

the other factors for managing money for a home


Even with non-owned dwellings such as apartments,

condominiums, and the like would require an added

burden on the budget scheme as the rates of the homes

being rented would vary depending on the landowners’

preference. This factor would require one of the top

priorities for budgeting besides food.


Food is one of the essential things for human

existence besides air and water. Without it, we cannot

function properly for long and we would definitely

expire. Food is not free like air and perhaps water in

some cases, and definitely would have to be given

allocation in the budgeting in a home setting. Even if

food calls for the most urgent attention for

compliance, it does not require as much financial

allocation to meet the least requirement as compared

to a house. Furthermore, food is abundantly available

as compared to a house or dwelling location.


Utilities are the different services that the home

enjoys for a more efficient and convenient living.

These include water, electrical, gas, and heat

services, with the last two being applicable to more

modern communities located in the colder regions.

These are almost as necessary as the essential needs

as they are already part of the living conditions of a


Being conscious about the things to be considered to

manage money for the home is very crucial in attaining

further goals in family existence, and being able to

provide the necessary things in which the family would

thrive and prosper. Without responsible budgeting,

chances are that credits and bills would amount to

drastic amounts which could damage the harmony of each

member’s living.

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