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How to Attract Wealth Using The Secret and The Law of Attraction in 5 Simple Steps

Using “The Secret” to attract wealth into your life is not as simple as you are led to believe. You see, “The Law of Attraction”, which states that you can manifest abundance, prosperity and wealth, as well as a host of other things into your life, by focusing your thoughts, emotions, and feelings on your desires, can also bring into your life the things that you DON’T want, just as easily.

If you have ever read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoloeon Hill, then you will understand that “The Law of Attraction” has been used successfully for thousands of years by some of the most successful and famous people in history. In fact there is evidence that “The Secret” and the knowledge to generate wealth and abundance by putting it’s laws into successful action, goes right back beyond even ancient babylonian times.

The true “Secret” to using “The Law of Attraction” to attract ONLY what you want into your life is really quite simple once you know how, but the really cool thing is this, once you DO, then you can bring unlimited wealth and abundance flowing constantly into your life.

So take note as I uncover the 5 simple steps you can take and implement IMMEDIATELY attract ALL that you truly desire RIGHT NOW!

How to Attract Wealth Using The Secret and The Law of Attraction – Step 1.

1. Decide What You Want and Write it Down.

Your subconscious mind is a treasure trove, did you know that it DOES NOT have the ability to reject, it accepts EVERYTHING that it is subjected to, most people don’t understand this and therefore NEVER use their subconscious mind to attract into their life all that they truly desire. Instead the majority of people simply go from day to day making decisions based on their subconscious thoughts without ever understanding that they have the power to choose.

Can you see therefore, that once you understand this phenomenon, you can use this knowledge to change your life, and it all starts with a thought. So decide what you want, what you really want. Make it big, make it scary, write it down and give it a deadline. Your subconscious mind requires a specific target to focus on and to begin to build an effective action plan to manifest into your life.

So, if your goal is to become a millionaire, then set one million dollars as your goal. It’s also very important that you don’t begin to worry at this point as to how you are going to get there, your job is to decide what you want, it is up to “The Law of Attraction” as to how it will manifest, you just need to believe it will and take the necessary action.

How to Attract Wealth Using The Secret and The Law of Attraction – Step 2.

2. Set a Specific Time or Deadline for Achieving Your Goal.

Setting a specific deadline for your goals will help you to overcome procrastination, and will build a sense of urgency into the actions you will need to take to achieve them. However, DO NOT become obsessed with this, I have set many goals over the years, some I have achieved on time, some I have missed by days or weeks, others I have missed by years. If you miss your deadline, simply make the necessary adjustments, reset the deadline and begin again. The important point here is to remain focussed and KNOW that you will get there.

How to Attract Wealth Using The Secret and The Law of Attraction – Step 3.

3. Sowing and Reaping.

There is a true story about Lloyd Conant of the Nightingale-Conant organisation. In which Loyd Conant explains about the time he read a copy of “The Magnificent Obsession” by Lloyd.C.Douglas overnight, then decided that he would build the world’s largest personal development business by following the law for sowing, and ensuring that his thoughts were ALWAYS focused on his goals.

That is simply what “Sowing and Reaping” is all about. The sowings you do are the thoughts that you think, the reapings are the dreams and desires you manifest into your life. So if you are currently experiencing a lack in your life, examine the “sowing” you are doing, and remember that “thoughts become things”

How to Attract Wealth Using The Secret and The Law of Attraction – Step 4.

4. Develop your action plan and go for it… Start from Where You Are.

Earlier on in this article, you remember we said that you don’t have to worry about how your goals will manifest, however this DOES NOT mean that we do not need some sort of action plan. It also needs to be a real Action Plan, with the focus on ALL of the actions and steps you will need to take to bring your dreams and goals into reality.

Action Plans are critical to your success, they give you a clear mapped out direction to focus your energy on, ensuring that you don’t become distracted and side tracked by the many other things that can slow you down, and even stop you from your achieving goals.

An important point to take into consideration at this point as you develop your action plan, is, it does not have to be perfect at this stage, you just need to start, you can continually modify and adjust as you go. Start from where you are now!. Many people don’t even start on their journey simply because they think that their plans need to be perfected BEFORE they begin.

Success in learning how to attract wealth using the secret and the law of attraction comes about due to you understanding what’s working and what’s not working; then considering the alternatives and adjusting your action plan to begin again.

How to Attract Wealth Using The Secret and The Law of Attraction – Step 5.

5. Break Down Your Plan into Small Manageable Chunks and “Rehearse” twice a day

Activating your subconscious mind and retraining it to automatically choose thoughts and create feelings that will ONLY move you towards your goals is probably the most important action you WILL EVER take if you truly want to attract your desires, and there are a number of ways you can do this, but I have chosen to focus on 2 of what I consider to be the most important with regards to action taking, these are as follows:

a). Break down your plan into small manageable chunks. Remember that the best way to eat an elephant is in small portions. Set yourself small goals within your greater plan, and celebrate when you achieve them. This is important because it gets you into the winning mentality, and success really does breed success. The MORE success you expect the MORE success you will accomplish.

b). Visualise your success at least twice a day. The best times to do this are first thing in the morning to start your day, and last thing at night immediately prior to falling asleep. You can action this step by reading your plan aloud, creating a mind map or vision board, on which you can focus every day. This will create a vivid rehearsable image of your goals and your Action Plan on which you can impress into your subconscious mind which means you have become emotionally involved, and when you become emotionally involved in your ideas and goals you can truly create the life of your dreams.

So, by putting these simple steps into action, practicing every day, and committing your plans to paper, you will know exactly how to attract wealth using the secret and the law of attraction, and that my friends can bring into your life the most magical, and abundant experiences imaginable.



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