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Ways to Save Money on Travel

The country may be in a recession but there is an upside to it. Hotels and other resorts are slashing their rates by more than 50% during the peak and off season which means you can take a vacation. But to do that, you have to know the different ways to save money if you decide to travel. 

First, plan your vacation way ahead of time and travel to places that are not frequented by tourists at that time. During the summer, head to winter resorts instead of the beaches. If it gets too cold, go to places that are warm like the tropics. 

Before you buy your ticket and book your reservation, go online and compare the rates of the different travel organizations. You may find a 3 day 2 night package to a destination of your choice that is less than $500 per person. You just have to look carefully through each one by not only looking at the price but also what is included in the package. 

People who fly often on business can save money on travel by gaining more frequent flyer miles. After traveling a certain distance, you can redeem it which could get you a round trip ticket to a destination of your choice so check regularly how many miles you have earned. 

If buying a ticket is not in your budget, take a road trip instead. You might enjoy seeing something nearby instead of flying hundreds of miles away. If you calculate the costs, the money you pay for gas and food could still be cheaper than going somewhere else. You can also save money if you decide not to stay in a hotel but rather camp out in a tent. 

For people who do have the money for airfare, you can still save money by staying in a smaller establishment rather than a 5 star hotel. You have the option to rent a condo or an apartment that are bigger than hotel rooms and even have their own kitchen which allows you to cook. 

Some locals even rent out a room or have a dorm that they can offer which is great especially if you and your group are going backpacking or simply want to save your money for other thrills. 

If you are up to it, try what other people have done called house swapping. Here, you exchange your place with another homeowner for a few days. The nice thing about it is that you don’t pay anything for your stay. 

You don’t have to take a vacation on the road or take to the air to have a great time. You can also take to the sea since there are cruises and if you get lucky, you could be a huge discount if there are some passengers who cancelled in the last minute which means there is room for you on board. 

Chances are, you have probably made a bid on EBay or some other auction site and know the mechanics. Did you know some sites allow you to bid for a vacation? To win, you have to give the lowest bid which is the exact opposite of what you do when you bid online. 

There are ways to save money on travel. You should compare the rates and consider your options before planning your vacation. 

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