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Ways to save money from your closet

Times are hard and you can see that with the way the congress and even the President are scrambling to create some sparks in the economy. Just looking at the number of jobs lost in the recent months and the increasing rate of impoverished people is enough to out anyone into depression never mind if the economy is not yet in the level of the Great Depression. But rather than moon over lost jobs or lesser money, why not look for ways that you can save money? It’s not actually so hard. 

You can save money right at your own home. You can even start from your own closet. Want to bet? Here are some of the ways that you can save money or earn money with the things that you can find from your closet.

1. Hold a garage sale 

You have probably accumulated a lot of clothes in your 20 or more existence. Clothes when you were in middle school or those that you worn when you were in college, these clothes can make you a lot of money. Although the designs may not be up to date, remember that fashion comes back with a vengeance and styles that were worn when you were not born have a way of coming back into mode. So check out your closet and see if you have styles that you can still wore. The sizes that are not for you, sell them on a garage sale. You can earn a lot from organizing these things. 

2. Rent a bag 

In New York, rent a bag is all the rage. If you have a signature bag that you know a lot of people will die to hold, post an invite to rent it online. There will be no additional expenses. Just an internet connection and besides it’s high time that you use that thing as you are paying for the internet bill anyway. 

3. Recycle

A lot of people have earned a lot of money from recycling their pants and shorts. Some of them have turned their old jeans into short shorts while the others have done miracles to their shorts by making them into fab bags. You can also do the same with your clothes. You can actually save a lot of money by recycling the clothes that you already have. For instance, if you have an old shirt that you do not use, why not reinvent it into a sleeveless top. You can just slash off the sleeves. The same goes with your other clothes.  

4. Lights off 

Another way that you can save some money from your closet is to remove the automatic lights that open up every time you open the closet door. The lights will remain until you choose to close the door. Although this will be helpful everytime you will open the closet door with the room lights off, you do not do this often. Besides, what do you need that lights for when you can easily open the lights for the room. So if you want to save on the electricity, remove these lights.

They will only add up to your electric bill, a dollar that you can save and used for better things. You can even buy yourself a new dress out of the money that you have saved from it. 

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