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Three Steps to Live a More Powerful Life

Most of us are living below our potential. We let opportunities slip past. We don’t ask for what we want. We don’t give all we can. We desire more, but we don’t make it happen. We are all capable of more. I know that you are capable of more. Reaching higher potential is simple but will require work and action. Here are three steps to live your life to the fullest.

First, know what you want. It sounds simple and obvious but many of us are living through our own personal zombie apocalypse. We let inertia carry us through life. So fearful of change and the unknown, we continue doing the same passionless job day after day, year after year, until much of our life has slipped by. Knowing what you want can be an intense process. Start by questioning yourself and writing everything down. What excites you? What do you despite? What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? What keeps you in bed when you should be up? Track your thoughts and feelings for a week or two. Then read over it and look for patterns. Look for those negatives you need to eliminate from your life and start dreaming up positive alternatives.

Second, create an action plan. Once you understand what it is that you want, break it down into a number of manageable steps and objectives. Draw a path between where you are and where you are looking to go. Create a strategy that supports your goals. Understand that everyone has three budgets: Time, Energy (physical, emotional, spiritual) and Income. In the short term, these budgets are largely fixed. That is spend an extra hour doing one thing, then you are going to spend an hour less doing something else. Look for those few vital behaviors that will lead to the greatest benefit. Create daily habits around those vital behaviors. For example, getting in shape may require a daily activity habit. Growing a business will likely require a daily habit of calling potential customers. Measure your input.

Third, work your action plan. Success comes from a combination of motivation, determination and positive habits. Create an environment that will lead to success by eliminating or minimizing obstacles. Your environment and associates should make it easier to do the positive actions and more challenging to do the negative actions. Create obtainable milestones and simple habits. Enlist someone to help hold you accountable. Stop frequently and make sure you are still on track to accomplish your goal. If not, adjust as necessary.

Reaching any goal, whether it is a personal, financial, health or relationship goal, can be reached using this process. Don’t make the process more complicated than these three steps and don’t delay. Get started today.

Live More. Laugh More. Earn More.



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