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Confidence Never Goes Out Of Style

When it comes to looking good and turning heads, confidence can play a huge role. It does not matter if you’re wearing something simple or something extravagant, if you are not confident wearing it you are not going to shine.

Confidence is one thing you should not leave the house without. As we all know, confidence is a state of mind, so you can either focus on a negative aspect of yourself, or a positive aspect of yourself. When we are confident we attract more positive attention, so determine what you are confident about and focus on that. If you are not confident about a certain type of your body there two things you can do about it: 1) you can exercise till you are no long self-conscious about said body area, or 2) you can focus on another aspect of yourself that you are confident about.

In the end, it really does not matter what you are confident about, just that you are confident and you know it. If you are not confident about your body, than focus on something you are confident about like your intelligence or self-awareness. When we are confident we tend to walk taller, and look people in the eyes more as we talk to them. When we are self-conscious about many of us will show our lack of confidence by either constantly touching the area that we are self-conscious about, slouching, or by looking downwards instead of looking into other people’s eyes.

Think about every interaction in your life as a job interview. Would you ever go into a job interview without and not try and exude confidence? What about slouching during an interview, or not looking at the interviewer? These are things many of us would never consider doing at a job interview, yet many of us do this on a daily basis during much less stressful events or interactions. Why is talking to a stranger be harder for many of us than talking to an interviewer? Or walking down the street any different than walking down the hallways at work?

Remember, confidence is only of state of mind, and like everything in your life can be changed so long as you want it to change. So give yourself the benefit of the doubt and be confident in yourself, stand tall, look people in the eyes, and let the world see you shine.



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