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Thinking Positive – How to Be Happy

Thinking positive or negative can affect your overall health, inside and out. You have choice everyday. Are you going to see the glass half full or half empty? Is there really a silver lining behind every grey cloud? Positive thoughts improve and build up self-esteem. They produce true joy which radiates outward, from the heart, affecting relationships. Learn how to be happy. Get rid of negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts tear down and damage your innermost self and relationships. They send a signal outward, from the heart, saying there is no joy here. You’ve probably heard many negative comments or said them yourself. Some negative comments are: “why should I care when no one else does?”, “I’m just not good enough”, “I can’t do anything right”. STOP! You are hurting yourself and others around you.

Are you tired of being sad? Depressed? Down in the dumps? If so, then do something about it! Happiness is a choice. Decide to make a change! No one is responsible for making you feel good, except you. Take responsibility for your own actions and thoughts, then watch your self-esteem and confidence grow. No one else can do this for you. Create your life instead of allowing life to create you. There’s a difference in truly living or just existing through life. You have one life on Earth. It’s time to make the most of it. Stop wasting time or procrastinating. Get started today, right now!

HEALTH AFFECTS – Thoughts/Attitude

Thinking positive reduces stress hormones and protects against heart disease. It allows the body to call upon its own innate, natural, healing abilities. Neurohormones are released by the hypothalamus, located in the brain, to offset stress hormones. Positive thinking builds up the immune system. The body is strengthened. Common colds and other ailments are less likely to occur. Boost your energy.

Negative thinking can deplete the body of energy. It causes greater brain electrical activity, weakening the immune system. The mind has a tendency to get stuck in a rut. A deliberate change of thought patterns can turn things around.

Your skin can reveal your innermost attitude. There is a well-known association between stress as an acne cause. Worry, sadness, depression can cause dark under eye circles, puffiness and lack of sleep. Negative thoughts or attitude can cause dull skin, fine lines, inflammation, redness or other poor skin conditions.

Some skin care specialist focus on the inner self by using meditation or hypnosis to improve outer skin appearance. Innermost true joy and happiness radiates outward, resulting in a natural skin glow.


It is important in how you see yourself, regardless what anyone else thinks. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself. You are of great worth and there is no one like you on Earth. You are truly special and unique.

Surround yourself with positive thinking people. Remove yourself from negative thinking people. Some people want to tear you down with constant ridicule or critical comments in order to gain a sense of power, but in reality they are only showing their weakness. When you remove yourself from negative thinking people you will begin to trust and believe in your own decisions. Your self-esteem will grow and radiate out to others. If life knocks you down, get up! Everyone has set backs or disappointments. Do not wallow in your misery or self-pity. You are only hurting yourself. Life goes on. Relationships from family, to friends to co-workers will improve when you are positive.

HOW to Be HAPPIER – Easy Steps

(Take Small Steps with One Thought/Action at a Time)

– Smile

– Meditate

– Call a friend.

– Be kind to others.

– Eat healthy meals.

– Turn off bad news.

– Get plenty of sleep.

– Have a good work ethic.

– Get rid of negative thoughts.

– Fill up with positive thoughts.

– Drink water. Avoid diet sodas.

– Exercise at least 3 times a week.

– Be honest with yourself and others.

– Share your love with people and/or pets.

– Volunteer in social activities or functions.

– Change your dysfunctional, daily, routine.

– Don’t waste time. Live life to its fullest potential.

– Engage in fun activities. Start a new craft or project.

– Laugh everyday. Tell jokes. Watch a funny movie or TV show.

– Discover world beauty from small flowers to bright shining stars.

– Get a change in environment. Travel to new, fun or relaxing places.

– Humble yourself. Be quietly proud of accomplishments. Don’t boast.

– Keep your mind alert. Play thinking games: chess, crossword puzzles, etc..

When you are thinking positive you are more likely to take better care of yourself. Develop a “can do” attitude. Begin to see a bigger, brighter, broader world beyond yourself or your situations. Your positive energy can be an inspiration to you and others around you. There is nothing to gain with negative thinking. NOTHING! Start thinking positive today. You can make a difference in the world and leave a great legacy just by being positive. Fill your life with positive energy and true joy then spread it to others!



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