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How To Communicate With Confidence

Something that all great communicators have in common is that everyone listens when they speak. However, communication happens to be one of the biggest fears that many people have, especially public speaking. In fact, people are more fearful of public speaking than death! Have you ever wondered why people do not listen to you even though you have good ideas to share? Read on, this is an article for you.

Communicating confidently is more than what you are speaking. It also has to do with your body language.

What does the mind of a successful communicator look like?

A know it all is not a confident communicator

You do need to have a good handle and knowledge of the subject you are speaking about, but it is how you say things rather than what you say. A successful person does things differently rather than doing different things. You have to be fully convinced of the subject you are speaking about and it is then that others will hear that conviction in your voice. It is when your voice is equipped with conviction that it will hold other people’s attention. If what you speak about is useful to your listeners and said with conviction, you are then appreciated. This of course, increases your self-confidence!

People do not make confident communicators nervous

Many people fear catastrophes that actually never comes to pass. In addition, people have strong images of people in their own minds, to the point that they may actually think someone else is perfect. This imaginary perfect personality and their own personality that they tend to make comparisons to is an unfair way to compare. It is this type of thinking that will breed the fear of speaking and meeting other people. It can lower your self-confidence and you may fear what it might be like to speak to these “perfect” people that you created in your mind. Of course, in the real world. no one is perfect and you have to know this in the deepest part of yourself. Everyone has faults and their own set of weaknesses. It is vital for you to know that people are essentially imperfect. This can help you to have more confidence when you face people.

What you see is what you get. Snooze and you lose

It is to your advantage that you be in your best mood and have a pleasant demeanor when you meet new people. Of course, you cannot expect to be in a good mood all the time, which means you may not always be prepared to communicate or you may be fretting over another matter. Confident communicators learn to keep their emotions in control. This is an excellent way for the communicator to make sure he or she is in control of the situation. While you may not be in the best of moods, you keep indecisiveness far away, because being indecisive will take from your focus as well as your energy and you will then not make a good impact. When you decide to communicate, have faith in yourself and proceed.

Watch your body language

Your posture, gestures, and your eye contact will be talking louder than your words. Did you know that body language has the ability to cut through language barriers, places, time, and knowledge? People begin interpreting your body language unconsciously wherever you go. Those around you begin to make impressions about you as soon as they make eye contact with you. Your body language has a big impact on the very impression you make, even without speaking.

Facts you should know

– You could have a sad expression due to another matter, but the person you are speaking with has no way of knowing this and may interpret the sadness as you not approving of what he or she is saying, which can lead to a misunderstanding.

– Steadily gazing can be interpreted as aggression, intensity, anger, or a strong interest. If you have very little eye contact, it may give the impression that you are shy or lacking in confidence.

– When your hands are open it is interpreted as being honest, but if you tend to make a lot of hand gestures, it can be interpreted as nervousness.

Being a confident communicator, which includes both your words and body language is not something that you can be perfected in one day. However, take every opportunity you can to speak to others. Take note of your communication skills such as your mistakes and your strong points and how you affected the person overall. Learn from your experiences and then there will be no reason why you cannot be a successful communicator.



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