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Personal Mastery And Effective Communication

Success is not only dependent on your own skill, proper attitude and effective communication are also important contributing factors.  Personal and career mastery are can help a person a lot in improving their growth and development and succeed in the chosen field. Effective communication is not determined how well we speak in front of many people or how well we write documents, effective and good communication relies on how well people have understood us and how we expressed ourselves. 

They say that communication is the most important source of power.  Many businesses and organizations almost collapsed because of many failures due of the poor communication between business executives and employers. Employees show high burn-out and stress levels, dissatisfied and disengaged employees.  

To achieve effective communication, it is important to increase and attain personal mastery.  To increase personal mastery would mean change in attitude and perspective.  It is important for leaders and organizations to maintain openness to engage their colleagues, employees and customers.  

Communication is an important part of relationship building.  The most important relationship is our relationship with our inner self.  Therefore, communication with the inner self should be maintained.  How we communicate with our inner self determine how we communicate with others.  

Positive thinking and reinforcement would help us deal with difficulties better.  For example, if we believe something then those beliefs can either limit or be beneficial for us.  A positive inner dialogue would project a more positive and supportive communication with others. 

An example of maintaining effective communication is giving feedbacks or constructive criticisms.  We should develop effective feedback.  We should give and receive criticisms openly.  Aside from that, when giving feedbacks we should take into consideration our emotions.  Dealing and taking care of emotions is one of the methods that personal mastery can achieve.  Aside from that, personal mastery also helps an individual to look at things objectively.

Effective communication with the help of personal mastery can assist with the following: 

• Effective problem solving.  Since you would be able to communicate to your employers and co-employees about the real issues and problems, this can lead to a deeper understanding of the problem.  A deeper understanding could lead to quicker and more effective problem solving. 

• Effective leadership.  For a leader to set direction and influence the team and the organization, he or she should be able to develop better communication with them.  Criticisms should be given as a form of suggestion and should be serve as support not as chastisement. 

• Effective planning.  Planning involves understanding the mission, vision, and the goal of an individual, department or organization.  Planning should be guided by the guiding principles of the group. However people may have different approach to everything, it is important to properly communicate with each other to create and draw up an effective plan.

• Effective organizational development.  Personal mastery is not only about  personal and professional development and growth.  An improvement in the personal and professional path of a person can have significant effects on the improvement of the group or organization.  

Personal mastery helps a person develop themselves and be able to interact effectively with other people. It could actually help you become successful in life.  The great thing about personal mastery is that helps an individual develop a healthy communication with their inner self and at the same reflect this changes on how they interact with others.  The application of personal mastery in a person’s life can make dramatic and great changes.  

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