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Financial worries are at the top of the list for most people in our present times. Many of you have lost a huge amount of money and assets due to the downward spiral of our economy, and if you’ve been paying attention to what’s going on in our world, it doesn’t seem to be getting better; it seems to be getting worse. A lot of fear surrounds many of you as you look to the future, wondering what it will be like for not only yourself, but for your children and grandchildren. So stress has increased by leaps and bounds for many, even when there is an understanding of the law of attraction and we all can live in abundance.

Perhaps you have or are changing careers, by desire or forced to, or at the very least have thought about or begun something new along with any job you may presently have. College and trade school enrollment has increased for adults of all ages because they knew they needed to learn additional skills for different jobs for their future. Change is in the air as we all know, so flowing with the changes becomes a necessity or we create more stress for ourselves.

Regardless of whether you remained in your same job or have obtained a new one, or even are in the process of learning new skills so you can get a different job, money has to be coming in for you and your family to survive. It’s a commodity required for life on this earth, and most people would welcome more into their life.

You probably know that money is energy. Energy flows wherever you send it and brings back to you the same type of energy through life experiences. This means that if your mind continually sees lack and not enough, you will continually create experiences in your life to substantiate that energy. It cannot be any other way because likes create likes in the flow of energy. Your financial situation is a direct reflection of what is going on inside of you. So if your finances are not where you want them to be, you have unconscious blocks that are preventing you from bringing the flow of abundance and money into your life.

Money flow is an inside job and has nothing to do with what is going on in your environment, so blaming the economy, although a significant factor today, is not the true cause of any lack in your life. Granted, you may be experiencing challenges in the world of money due to circumstances beyond your control, but these circumstances you are experiencing are always due to what is believed on the inside, and more than likely is a lesson for you to grow beyond and above your circumstances.

Did you know that most people have deeply rooted financial and unconscious beliefs that they don’t even know about? Some could be quite traumatic, but any of these negative programs will be an unconscious block in your money flow.

What stories float around in your mind about money? Everyone has them. What were you taught about money as a child? Were you taught things like “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” or Money is the root of all evil,” or “Being wealthy makes you bad,” “You have to work hard to make any money?” These are a just a few of the possible “stories” you’ve had conditioned into your memory bank that keep replaying over and over so that you do not attract the money you want and deserve to have. As long as they remain imbedded in your mind’s computer, they will block the flow of money into your life.

So what it boils down to is that your mind is the controller of where you send your energy, and you know that wherever your energy goes, there is you power. If your finances are not where you want them to be, somewhere deep inside is the root of lack or some other obstacle that is keeping money from you.

Maybe you used to have a good amount of money, but now it is very reduced due to a job loss, lowered income, or a variety of other possibilities. You still have the capability of creating more money again since whatever helped you before is still within you. Perhaps you feel like a failure in some way or shamed, or maybe a massive amount of anger and self-criticism still hangs around your neck. All of those feelings are negative, fear-based, and can never bring you what you want – more money. So it is paramount that you dig deep inside to discover what stories lie hidden within you so you can release those negative feelings and replace them with positive, loving ones.

Okay, so this all sounds good, and you are willing to work on this, but you are not sure how to go about it. Begin by asking yourself what stories keep playing around inside your head. Then pay attention to what emotions are present like anger, shame, guilt, failure, self-criticism. Do you have a hidden fear of being successful? Do you feel inferior on some level – just not good enough for the dream you wish to create? Many people do have these negative programs so look deeply to see what really circulates in your personal computer.

Once you’ve recognized the old stories that you don’t want to hang onto, you have to release them. It sounds simple, but you will probably discover it isn’t as easy as it sounds. After all, these stories have been part of your life for many years and old habits/stories die hard. I remember attempting to let go of old stories multiple times, but it took repeated effort every day to replace those old stories and create a new script. And it’s a continual process for the rest of your life and my life. As a result, I kept looking for ways to allow a faster transition from the old story to a new one, and I found many suggested processes for clearing the old stories and replacing with a new way of thinking. There were suggestions like placing intentions, reciting affirmations, participating in various healing modalities, burning old beliefs that you’ve written down on paper, meditating and clearing, and many more. Last year however, I discovered an easier and faster way to do this. It is called EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT is a tapping routine in which specific problems are addressed in a specific order so that the old story can be released and a new one created. I tried it here and there for some time but didn’t incorporate it into my daily routine until a few months ago, and wow, has it ever brought good changes into my life! You may think this is rather bizarre or maybe even kooky, but I promise it is very effective in bringing changes into your life. The tapping involves touching acupressure points that hold energy in your body, so if you are tapping away old stories and tapping on what you want to create, you can manifest the outcome you desire much more rapidly. The tapping helps to release the blocks in your energy that occur when fear-based thinking and beliefs take hold of you.

EFT involves stating a set-up phrase about the problem and repeating it 3 times as you tap on the karate chop point on the side of your hand below your pinkie finger. Then you tap on 8 points on your face and head, stating your issue and the emotions that go with it. The rounds are repeated with either the same words on every point or using different words, then once the negative things have been addressed, rounds with positive statements are spoken. Since we are talking about bringing more money into your life, you can definitely use this technique to change your story of lack into one of abundance. I’ve been using this for some weeks now and here’s what I’ve noticed.

1. I feel different internally – feel quite positive and joyful. 
2. Money has come to me in some unusual ways, kind of out of the blue. 
3. I don’t worry about money coming to me anymore. 
4. I feel peaceful and abundant.

Now it doesn’t mean that everything has changed immediately or that all I desire has magically appeared, but I can feel a shift inside that now allows the abundance to flow to me. Of course this process is much more than just money, but money is something we all want so we can live a comfortable and prosperous life. Even though the present economy has allowed for multiple unfavorable circumstances to appear for many of you, abundance surrounds us and can be tapped into if you sincerely wish to change your way of thinking and behaving. It is also important to focus on serving others since service is what we are here to do. Doing good for others naturally opens the gateway of abundance for you in multiple ways, because service is always from love.

As you are working through this process of releasing old stories, think about your beliefs around money and spiritual work. Remember, you must recognize the old stories you’ve been programmed with before you can release them and create a new story, so ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I believe I might be corrupted if I become prosperous?

2. Would I remain a person who wants to serve others if I made a lot of money?

3. If I do spiritual work, should I be paid for it? Is that ethical?

4. Is it fair to earn a lot of money when helping people?

5. Will making a lot of money change my friendships or how others view me?



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