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A Coach for Business Rebirth

Birthdays are rather special events. Last weekend we joined a street party to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. In fact it went on from lunchtime into the early hours. A group had been organized and they played throughout the afternoon. Beer was served with burgers, pork rolls and chips. All delicious and provided by the owners of Orchard Park Caravans where we are staying, a generous feast enjoyed by probably 100 people. To top it off a local ice-cream van arrived at an appropriate time and we were able to enjoy ice-cream. In fact we were blessed with sunshine for the only day this week and children and adults alike enjoyed the festive occasion.

Sunday is my partner’s birthday and once again the sun is forecast to appear, which will be a blessing following the rain drenched days we have encountered. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy the warmth and have a great day out. It has been a disappointing week for all the holiday makers.

However despite the weather children and teenagers enjoyed the fresh air on their bikes scooters and skate boards, which was a refreshing sight to see, usually youngsters are cooped up with electronic gadgets, probably why a proportion of the nations children are overweight.

Also around this time of year was the rebirth of my business, I had been struggling to make much headway when I discovered my mentor and coach on YouTube, and I turned by business around. YouTube is an amazing source of information with videos on every subject you can imagine, just waiting to be watched!

Since I discovered my mentor and joined the group of entrepreneurs my business has doubled. Having a community to support you and feel part of when you work at home is great.

Anthony Robbins, is an advocate of finding a mentor, he suggests following a mentor for success many times throughout the book: “The most important way I’ve learned to compress time is to learn from other people, experience” quote from “Awaken the Giant Within”. He also has many helpful videos on YouTube. Save time and effort don’t reinvent the wheel, follow a formula proven to work.

If you are beginning online, or indeed any business, it is great to have a coach and mentor to turn to, and to know you are following a tried and tested path. Perhaps that is why franchises are so popular and usually successful, although usually pricey to buy into.

With affiliate marketing the start-up cost are low and with the guidance of a good coach you can start earning whilst you are still learning the techniques; so whereas in traditional businesses you probably won’t be in profit for a couple of years, and overheads are high; working online profits can begin quicker. The speed at which your business grows will depend on your time and commitment. However there are many millionaires in the online world and equally many part-timers.

Affiliate marketing is a great business for anyone who is committed to success and prepared to invest their time and effort to succeed. With the guidance of your coach providing excellent saleable products for your customers, professionally prepared sales pages and marketing training it is a simple way to begin online. Don’t attempt to find new ways until you understand the market follow the tried and tested formula.

So if you are looking for an interesting, satisfying new adventure, begin part-time and build an online business. Wishing you an exciting future.



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