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Big Difference In Health By Making Small Changes

Some changes can greatly alter that cause of your health and well-being. Such small changes, or let’s call them habits, because they can bring you to a better emotional and physical well-being. They may well extend your life or even have a deciding factor how much longer you are going to live. In making such a decision to a longer and healthier life is ongoing. It’s not something that easy and straight forward by making one or two changes and all is fixed. The changes you should make are small ones, put them into place one step at the time. Let yourself adjust to that change, get it under control before you go to the next one. This is where most people go wrong by trying to do it too quickly and most of the time will fail. We are known as cretaceous of habits, even cretaceous take time to change their habits.

Let’s look at some of the changes, as small as they are but that little effort by you can have long-term effects on your overall health.

Make Changes

• Some of the beverages we have every day is a good place to start with making changes. Replace all soft drinks and sodas, that also includes sports and health drinks, with clean filtered water. Not water from plastic bottles; use filtered tap water preferably, store water in glass not in plastic. How much water? Make sure your body stays hydrated, many health complaints come from dehydration: Drink plenty when you are thirsty; every ones water needs vary. For any other, drink tea and black coffee instead (no milk, no sugar in coffee, if any use honey). Coffee and also green tea are known for its antioxidants and many other health benefits.

Regulate Your Diet

• Reduce meal size if applicable, 2 main good quality nutritious meals per day. The evening meal best be eaten at least four hours before going to bed. Being on a good diet will replace your net carbohydrates with good fats; fat is the body’s fuel. Saturated fat (good fat) versus trans fat (bad fat) which is found in processed foods. Good fats are found in natural olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, butter, eggs, organic milk, and meat from grass-fed cows. All of these won’t do you any harm, just the opposite; but foods with refined vegetable oils, sugars and fructose as often promoted as healthy foods will, because these foods are unhealthy chronic inflammation promoters. Have an unlimited amount of a variety of vegetables which makes good fibre. Make your own juice from vegetables and fruits.

Keep Up Your Exercise

• Stay active, more walking, sitting less for long periods of time. Regular exercise and yoga will have a positive effect on stress and as well your sleep pattern. Exercise is very much part of health in general, including heart health. With regular exercise you will find to have fewer health complaints. We need being active as much as possible because this is what our body needs: Activity. This doesn’t mean to go overboard. Moderate exercise a few days a week will do. An extreme, extensive exercise program is not necessary. Going to any extreme without proper supervision could do more harm than good.

The Most Needed Vitamin

• Vitamin D is one of the most important of the vitamin family. Vitamin D is best from the sun, absorbed by the skin and transformed in to the vitamin as the body needs it. Other sources for vitamin D are fish, raw milk, egg yolk, and supplements, although the one from nature is the best. Did you know that vitamin D levels can influence over 400 different genes in your body? Although to cure a severe inflammatory and arthritis condition you will need a high level of vitamin D every day. It has been found that people who spend more time in the sun live longer than those who don’t, regardless of some backward reports to avoid the sun, although common sense profiles.

These are four relatively small steps to follow. The big obstacle is the one thing that stops people succeeding: Not to start! There are always plenty of excuses for not starting anything: Not knowing what to do, or not enough believe that you can do it. Start small: Put yourself on a mission to change your lifestyle and your diet gradually. Give your body time to make any biochemical adjustments. You can take control of your own health and this will be profoundly rewarding.



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