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Buying Directly From Organic Farmers

Are you interested in improving the way that you eat?  If you are, you’ll want to 

examine natural, organic foods.  After a close examination, you’ll see that there 

are a number of benefits to eating organic. Organic foods are available for sale 

at supermarkets, organic food stores, and online.  With that said, organic foods 

are also commonly sold directly by the farmers who grew them.  If you have local 

farmers who sell organic foods, you should consider doing your shopping directly 

through them.

When it comes to buying many organic food products, such as fruits and vegetables 

directly from organic farmers, many individuals wonder why they should do so.  In 

all honesty, there are a number of reasons, as well as benefits to buying organic 

foods directly from the source.  One of those benefits is the assistance that 

you’ll be providing to local farmers.  It’s no secret that many farmers find it 

difficult to stay afloat financially.  In fact, hundreds of small farms shut down 

each year.  Instead of shutting down, many farmers are now making the switch to 

organic foods.

A large number of farmers, all across the United States, are now making the 

decision to go organic.  Unfortunately, this decision isn’t always easy.  It can be 

costly in the beginning, as well as very risky.  Although you may not necessarily 

think about it at the time, you can provide financial relief and assistance to 

organic farmers by buying their products directly from them.  When you buy organic 

fruits and vegetables directly from the farmer or farmers who grew them, they’re 

able to receive all the profits, not just a portion of them.  In this aspect, you 

can consider buying organic fruits and vegetables directly from farmers your good 

deed for the week or month.

As nice as it is to hear that you should purchase some organic foods directly from 

the farmers who grow them, how do you go about doing so?  First you should check out 

your local farmer’s market farmer’s markets typically involve the setup of stands 

and booths in or around your town square.  Many farmer’s markets in the United States 

allow a large number of farmers to attend and set up booths.  Depending on your local 

farmer’s markets, its size and who’s present, you may be able to find organic food 


In addition to visiting one of your local farmer’s markets to see if organic foods are 

for sale, you can also visit local farms in person.  To help you decide which farms 

should be visited look for signs or advertisements in local newspapers.  It’s also 

usually easy to spot farms where organic foods are being sold because many set up 

roadside booths or have a storefront building on their property, which is usually easy 

to see from the road.  If you do make the decision to shop with a local farmer, be 

sure to bring cash, as many small operations are not equipped to accept checks, debit 

cards, or credit cards.

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