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4 Simple Ways to Change Lives Daily

It’s easy to take and to ask, however let’s dig deeper and learn how we can assist others, and change the world, one small action at a time.

There is much to say about a philanthropic heart. To give of our time, labor, and/or money to better the position of another in need is truly a beautiful thing. To give it kindly, without expectations of receiving anything in return, is even better.

Regardless of whether you believe in the principal of causality—the idea that what you do now (positive or negative) comes back to you at a future date—giving back should always be a no-brainer.

Below are 4 simple ways to change lives daily.

1) Give of your time:

Many people think giving time has to be stressful or that it doesn’t count, but this does not have to be the case and it can definitely make a huge difference in your life and in the life of the person you’re giving your time to, if done with the best of intentions.

Try spending some time reading to a loved one or assist a neighbor in the yard. These small things can create a world of change.

2) Give of your Resources:

Simply being the middleman (or middlewoman) connecting someone in need with the person who can help them can greatly change their life.

Share your connections!

3) Give Financially:

If donating financially, research the best fit for your dollar. What are you passionate about?

Once you figure this out and make a donation, follow the money, being sure to find out exactly how it will be used and following up to see if it has been done.

Even if only donating a minimal amount, don’t be afraid to ask the question.

4) Remember, Small Things Matter:

Often times, we forget about the little things that can leave great impact.

Smiles are free, so give them away in abundance, you just never know who needs a warm, genuine smile.  Also give compliments away by the dozens if you see a gorgeous lipstick color on someone or if you are enjoying the scent of someone’s cologne.  These little things can make someone’s day!

If you’d like to dive deeper into giving and doing amazing things to shake this world for the better, then I invite to you to participate in my free 7 Day Good Karma Challenge.



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