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When Self-Help Isn’t Enough – Signs That You Need Professional Help

Sometimes you get to a point in your self-help journey where you realize that what youíre doing for yourself just isnít enough anymore, or quite possibly never was. When you get to this point, it may be time to get help from a professional. Listed below is a list of common mental disorders and the signs that you need further help.

1. Anxiety

If youíve tried meditation, exaggerating your biggest fear, and distracting yourself but they havenít worked, itís easy to get flustered. But this may not always be your warning sign that you need more help. You may just need to keep trying out the methods or try some new ones.

However, you may need help if youíre noticing that your anxiety is causing you a lot of distress and getting in the way of your life. If your anxiety is preventing you from going to school or work, drive, or go to the grocery store, this is when you may need to get some professional help. Talk to your doctor about the options open to you before going through with anything.

2. Depression

If youíve tried being more active, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, and youíve talked to your loved ones about how youíre feeling, but those things just arenít helping you to manage your depression, you may just end up getting more depressed. Donít jump to conclusions though that you need help because those tips havenít worked. There are always different tips to try that just might do the trick for you.

However, if youíve ever had thoughts of harming yourself to escape from your depression, get the help you need now. Another sign that you need professional help would be if your depression is getting in the way of you having fun. If you choose staying at home in your room, depressed and angry with the world over going out with your friends, for example, itís time to get help. Donít let your depression get the best of you. Whenever you decide that you need professional help, itís available at any time of day.

3. Addiction

If youíve tried talking to your loved ones and eliminating the thing youíre addicted to from your life but it hasnít worked, this may be the time for you to get help from a professional. Addictions can be very dangerous and toxic to your body. You need to get help right away if you still have a feeling of need towards what youíre addicted to. Professionals will be able to help you and eliminate that sense of need.

If you feel as though your mental state is getting too much for you to handle, you need to get the professional help you need. Ask for help before itís too late. Different types of illnesses all have different tell-tale signs that you need further help. Donít wait until the symptoms listed above happen to you. You know your body best. Listen to what your body is telling you; get the help you need.



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