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Dressing for Success or How to Get That Dream Job

In this era, CEOs can be as casual as they prefer or as formal as they want. This is the era where it’s hard to know how to be appropriately dressed for the job. If you want to look appropriately dressed for your job, here are some tips for dressing for success. When you wear the right clothes for your job, your confidence will get a boost. A study published in the “Journal of Experimental Social Pathology” proves doctors with lab coats scored higher on attention than those who did not. When it comes to getting ahead, image can make a major impact.

Designer Pieces = Success

Designer labels are always connected to financial success. People relate financial success with the characteristics that help them achieve prosperity such as discipline, intelligence, and hard work. With these subconscious interpretations, we can make a person believe we have a higher salary and more opportunities. It also shows commitment to the job if you buy high-quality items.

Suits for the conservative

These days, wearing suits is pretty much for lawyers and politicians. However, women in the corporate environment should wear a suit, especially during big meetings. This will make you look more competent and more trustworthy.

For the sloppy genius

Men can pull of an “eccentric genius” look but women haven’t been able to do it successfully. There is no dress code for a successful woman professor. You can use casual Chinos or blend it with a scarf. You want to make an impression as if you don’t care what clients will think, especially if you are a financial planner.

For the trendy

If you want to look trendy, you have to be trendy. The idea is you spend a lot of your time keeping up with the trends. You look like you care more about your clothes than about your job. When you dress trendy, people will feel more comfortable in trusting you. Younger audiences will feel as if they can relate to you because of your trendy outfit.
For the young and casual

Someone with a young and casual look comes off as relaxed and easy to talk to. You’ll look like you’re not moving up and you’re not putting in some effort. Looking young does not impede your performance. I know someone who is at her most youthful look yet she is the most powerful person in the company.

Feeling sexy

Ask yourself: “If I were going to a nightclub after work, would I need to change everything?” If the answer is no, you might be dressed inappropriately and you’re probably wearing too much makeup. The idea is conveying something about yourself instead of the clients who you are supposed to be representing. Mid-tight skirts and dresses will look good as long as they are not too tight. It’s also safer if you pair them with opaque tights.



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