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Activity Plan for Those Who Lost Their Jobs

The fear of loosing a job is overwhelming every wise person. But the actual event is no tragedy, no matter how big a loss it. All the professional psychologists advice not to fall into the state of constant depression, but to work the way out of this dreadful situation. Everything depends on the level of motivation. There are two possible options for people that changed their status to unemployed: either to continue searching for another job in the sphere of prior employment, or seek luck in the fields that are unknown.

If you feel like you want to be involved in the same sphere you started in the simplest decision would be to call the competitors. Do not follow the standard procedure and submit your resume to the personnel department, but contact the authority directly, offering your services in a very polite manner.  All a good boss has to know about a future employee is professional experience Tell him about your professional experience, education, personal traits and features that will help an employee to develop and professionally grow making a contribution to the company. Be sure to stay business like and try to inform the future employer only about he/she has to know, any previous failure of yours can be used as an argument to lower your cost at the job market. According to the statistics, those who change their places of employment have more chances to be promoted than those who work there all their lives. The results of the research show that those who change work have more chances to be promoted than those who work in one company all their lives. Look for a place in spheres you feel comfortable with. If you get stressed out because of the constant strain and noise in a large company, look for a place in smaller ones. Another statistics shows that employees of the smaller, but fast growing companies get to the top of a career ladder faster than those who get lost among thousands of employees in a big company. If none of the mentioned above options work for you, start looking for a part time job. You have to realize that proposals will not be piling up in front of your door; you have to hunt for them. There is nothing more important than an ability to cover the bills. In this case all the possible variants are acceptable. You can get a part-time job of a freelancer or get employed by a company in terms of a contract. This is a convenient way for big companies to control the process. The employer is responsible for the project and works o it from the beginning to the state of completion.  This way you will have time to find a good full-time job.

A part-time job gives you an opportunity to cover your bills. In this case it doesn’t really matter if the job you are going to take part-time participation at is related to the field where you have previously worked. Be sure not to include this employment in your resume unless it really contributes to your list of skills.

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