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How to Keep A “Long Distance Love” Alive

The hardest love to fall for is long distance 

love. Relationships are hard work, but when you 

add distance between the two of you it can become 

even more complicated. Long distance 

relationships are quite common these days as the 

Internet brings people together from all over the 


Being in a long distance relationship can be very 

difficult and confusing. All relationships take 

work, but long distance relationships take a bit 

more work in the way of communication, compromise,

 and understanding. Many people believe that long 

distance relationships cannot work. It’s true 

that a large number of long distance 

relationships fail, but this is true of 

relationships that do not deal with distance as 


Long distance romances can work; they just need a 

little extra effort and some planning.  What many 

people don’t realize is there are many benefits 

to being in a long distance romance. When you 

understand how fortunate you are to have someone 

at the other end, willing to go the distance, you 

won’t waste another minute pining away for your 


The truth is, long distance relationships, like 

all relationships come in many shapes and sizes. 

There are challenges to maintaining a long 

distance relationship to the satisfaction of both 


Long distance relationships involves two people 

who share an interest in each other lives,  care 

for one another and of course have a love for 

each other that they hope will only continue to 

grow. On the other hand, a long distance 

relationship requires a special willingness and 

understanding that can test love like no other 

type of relationship can. It requires constant 

communication and a desire to continually create 

your relationship, using the only real tool you 

have… your words

The most difficult thing to deal with in a long 

distance relationship is the most obvious thing: 

the distance. Here are some ways to endure the 

long distance: play cards or games over the 

internet or watch a movie “together” by renting 

the same movie, start at the same time and 

talking on the phone, made gifts for each other, 

create a list of things to do together, send lots 

of cards and e-cards.

This will definitely help to make your 

relationship work.

One of the first keys to success in a long 

distance relationship is effective communication. 

It is important for both persons to feel that 

they are an active part of the others’ life. This 

is best accomplished through communication. Email,

 web cams, and digital pictures can diminish 

distances, but nothing replaces the intimacy of 

hearing your partner’s voice. No relationship 

lasts without communication. Pick up the phone 

every day and chat with your partner for 15 

minutes, at least. Just let them know that you’re 

thinking about them and you miss them. Everyone 

loves this.

Long distance relationships can work; it just 

takes the commitment of both people for it to 

last. Both people involved have to be committed 

to communication, whether it is through the phone,

 through emails or written letters. Communication 

is something we all take for granted when we are 

in the presence of one another, but when you are 

dealing with a long distance relationship you do 

not have the benefit of body language to help 

guide you. Communication is the key to making 

these relationships work. 

Trusting the person at the other end of a long 

distance relationship can be difficult. People 

often have a hard time believing the words that 

are passed along during phone conversations if 

they can’t actually see the source, or unless 

they truly trust the source.  Without trust and 

honesty, the relationship is in danger just as it 

would be any other relationship. By accepting the 

challenge of a long distance relationship, you 

also accepted the fact that you will have to have 

the trust and faith that your partner will not be 

seeing anyone else as promised. 

Photos are very important. Since you two can’t be 

together physically, photos will have to work. 

Take some fun photos of yourself and send them, 

sealed with a kiss, to your honey.

Also, to keep your magic love alive, plan a visit.

 Promise that you will visit her and keep that 

promise. This will make her feel happy.

There are days when you feel lonely. There are 

moments when you long for a touch instead of a 

call. Still, you bond endures. Whether separated 

by an ocean or an outlook, the shortest distance 

between two hearts, it is said, is love.

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