Clare Josa

Clare Josa

Author, NLP Trainer, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher & more...

Clare Josa is a certified NLP Trainer, a Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, a Seminar Leader and a Breakthrough Mentor, who feels passionately about helping people to fall in love with who they really are.

She is the author of numerous books and the creator of a wide range of online courses, as well as face-to-face workshops. They help you to dump your old excuses, let go of limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck and give you the kick you needed, to take inspired, practical action towards living the life of your dreams.

Her career began with a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and German, spending a decade in diesel engine manufacturing. She enjoyed discovering how things worked and figuring out how to fix broken processes, but she realised that what she loved most was making people smile. So she combined her problem-solving skills with her passion for psychology and 'how people tick' to move into helping people remember how to feel happier and how to be who they really are.

She studied Neurolinguistic Programming (the 'user manual for your brain' / 'Practical Psychology' - NLP), qualifying as an NLP Trainer (training students up to Master Practitioner level) in 2003. She built on her 20-year enthusiasm for meditation by training to become a Meditation Teacher in 2008, as well as continuing her life-long passion for writing and teaching.

Her engineering background means that the inspirational work she shares is always grounded in practical common sense - to which she adds an intuitive and light-hearted approach.

Clare lives in Sussex, UK, with her husband, three young sons, six very mindful chickens and a bouncy Jack Russell.

Today's choices create your tomorrows. With each and every thought, you can choose again. With each and every breath, you can choose thoughts that inspire you and make your heart sing. Wishing you love and laughter. Namaste!


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