David Doerr

David Doerr

David Doerr is an internet marketer who believes that business, faith and personal areas of one's life are interconnected parts of the whole. Morals and ethics cannot exist is one part of life and be absent in another part. How we treat customers and business partners must be consistent with how we treat friends and loved ones.

There is no greater joy in life than helping others achieve their financial goals and having the best life they and their family can have. It is everyone's right to live as they choose; money and success are not evil nor are they only for the well-connected.

The abundance of the universe is not limited and is available to those who truly desire it; every person may have as much as they desire. The abundance of this world is not a "zero sum game"; the wealth of one person does not come by diminishing the wealth of another.

Your whole life will be in sync and at peace when you make decisions that move you toward your financial destiny and you take moral and ethical steps toward that end. Remove the stress of an incongruous life by accepting your financial destiny.

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